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Exotic Pet Amnesty Day is this Saturday. Florida wildlife officials are touting the day as a legal alternative to release exotic pets that owners no longer want to keep.

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Florida wildlife officials are launching a couple new programs to encourage people to help remove Burmese pythons—one of Florida’s nonnative species.

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Florida wildlife officials are asking the public for their help in deciding rules for venomous reptiles.

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Florida wildlife officials are asking for residents’ help in reporting sightings of rare snakes. They’re working to determine whether the snakes should be bumped up to the federal endangered status.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission biologists want the public to report sightings of three snakes: the Florida pine snake, southern hognose snake, and short-tailed snake. FWC Spokesman Kevin Baxter says with residents help, researchers can then determine whether these snakes qualify as a federally threatened species.

Longest-Python Prize Awarded Twice Due To Mix-Up

Feb 18, 2013

Sixty-eight giant snakes. That’s how many hunters caught and killed during the Florida Python Challenge, which ended Feb. 10. A mix-up led to two hunters being awarded prize money for the longest snake.

Nearly 1,600 people from 38 states and Canada signed up for the Python Challenge. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission held the competition to help rid the Florida Everglades of invasive Burmese Pythons, a product of the exotic pet trade.