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A lady wearing a hat while the sun beams down on her
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As we head into the Summer months, health officials say protecting yourself from the sun’s intense rays with protective sunscreen, clothing, and eyewear is key. The goal is ensure Floridians do not get skin cancer and if they do, detect it early.

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A Florida lawmaker is hoping to bring back a discussion about the best way to prevent skin cancer in younger people. Her measure bans minors from using tanning beds.

Governor Rick Scott could be showing the early warning signs of skin cancer, after he recently underwent treatment for some precancerous cells.

While talking to reporters Monday, Governor Rick Scott confirmed he had some precancerous cells on his head. Scott says that’s why he had two small bandages.

“I had some skin cancer. It was pre-cancerous. So, it started bruising," said Scott. "Hopefully, it will go away. The story is I won the fight, right? Unfortunately, that was not true.”

Perspectives: Saving the Skin We’re In

May 10, 2012

May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Local plastic surgeon Dr. Alfredo Paredes and dermatologists, Dr. Mark Ingles and Dr. Jessica Yoon discuss ways to safeguard skin from cancer causes, such as the sun and tanning beds, along with ways to discover and treat skin cancer.