TPD says the shooting occurred near the intersection of Old Bainbridge Road and 4th Avenue.
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The murder rate in Leon County is so far less than half of what is was last year--but it’s not reflective of how residents are feeling. Several double, and triple shootings have rocked Tallahassee—leading law enforcement agencies and government officials to try to crack down. But some say that’s only treating the symptom of the problem.

Capital Report: 11-28-2014

Dec 1, 2014

Usually, after an election, Tallahassee turns into the sleepy southern town it really is.  Political exhaustion prompts lots of people to take a few weeks off.  And other than the cardiac arrests caused by the way Florida State University has so far won all its games this season, Florida’s Capital City has recently been a fairly sedate place.  But that tranquility was shattered in the early morning hours of November nineteenth and again on November twenty-second.  Lynn Hatter reports those two tragedies, which left two people dead and several others hurt, have shaken the city to its very co

In less than two weeks, a group of community leaders and local officials is expected to come up with ways to help reduce Tallahassee’s sudden increase in gun violence, and some members of the panel say they’re ready to start.

Heather Mitchell is the President of the United Way of the Big Bend, and one of the newly established 16-member Community Leadership Council on Gun Violence. Tallahassee Police Chief Mike DeLeo recently announced it was part of a five-prong approach to get feedback, after a series of officer-involved shootings in recent weeks.

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After four officer-involved shootings within the past month, Tallahassee Police met with the community in the Griffin Heights neighborhood Thursday night. Attendees talked about trying to overcome mutual mistrust between law enforcement and the people. And they discussed potential solutions to the city’s sky-high crime rate.