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Elder Care Services

Evacuating with companion pets can bring added challenges to hurricane season, particularly for elderly adults. Many seniors struggle to find pet-friendly shelters when it comes time to leave for safety.

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June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month, and state officials want Florida’s seniors to be aware of common scams to avoid.

Elder guardian legislation is headed for the Senate floor.
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State lawmakers are taking steps to protect seniors from guardian abuse.  Sen. Nancy Detert (R-Venice) says it’s too easy for private guardians to take advantage of their wards. / National Assessment of Education Progress

Florida high school seniors continue to struggle in math and reading, according to the latest report from the National Assessment of Education Progress, or NAEP.

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With the cost of groceries steadily climbing, some Leon County seniors are finding themselves unable to keep up.  Elder Care Services in Tallahassee maintains a food pantry to help out in emergencies, but even that is stretching thin.

Elder Care Services is a private non-profit in Tallahassee offering assistance like the Meals on Wheels program for local seniors.  Senior Solutions Specialist Ed Gines  says the group also operates an emergency food pantry providing groceries for seniors in need.

Capital Report: 03-11-2014

Mar 11, 2014

The Florida Senate has now put together several proposals aimed at overhauling Florida’s child welfare agency. As Sascha Cordner reports, the goal is to address the spate of child deaths taking place under the watch of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

A year and a half ago, Florida lawmakers had an idea: the state may be able to save money and get a handle on the rising costs of Medicaid, if it stopped writing checks every time a bill came in. That’s called a fee-for-service model, and for years, Florida’s Medicaid program has operated on that system. But at a cost of around $22 billion, Medicaid has also grown to be the state’s single largest spending item.

The Federal Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services Monday signed off on the first part of a plan that will steer Florida on a path toward Medicaid managed care.

Blankets, Space Heaters Needed For Elderly In Leon Co.

Jan 2, 2013

In Leon County, many senior citizens are going without heat this winter. County Elder Care Services is asking for donations to help them stay comfortable and safe in their homes.

Elder Care Services has been getting about seven phone calls every day from seniors who don’t have heat. Elder Care spokeswoman Amber Tynan says, they ask for space heaters and blankets.

“And we try to keep those items in stock,” she said. “However, with that amount of calls per day, you can imagine, we do go through those pretty quickly.”

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Presumptive GOP Nominee Mitt Romney’s selection of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate is appealing to both Republicans and Democrats. Republicans are cheering the selection as proof that Romney is serious about cutting the federal debt.  Democrats say Ryan’s proposal to cut entitlement programs such as Medicare for seniors in order to reduce the federal debt could help President Obama in swing states with large numbers of elderly voters.

Department of Financial Services Hosts Workshops For Seniors

Aug 3, 2012

Financial and insurance scams targeting seniors are on the rise. To combat the problem, Florida's Department of Financial Services is hosting free financial workshops for seniors throughout the month of August. According to a 2009 report by the Center for Retirement Research, the department says the scams could be especially devastating for the almost 50% of late baby boomers who are already at risk of losing their current standard of living. 

Elder Care Services host food drive

Jun 29, 2012

Love thy neighbor. Respect the elderly. This is the Summer of Love. That’s the idea behind Elder Care Services’ Food Drive going on throughout Leon County until September 22. More senior citizens are asking for support with fewer donations coming in.

Elder Care Services of the Big Bend offers non-perishable goods and personal care items free of charge to seniors sixty and older in need. the group hopes to combat a possible sudden surge of requests through its food drive.

It’s About Florida: Seniors

Apr 5, 2012

The 2012 Legislative Session came to a close with some saying lawmakers needed to do more for the people, especially Florida’s Seniors. Advocates for Florida’s elderly say a number of bills that would have helped them out, didn’t make it through the session this year, but it’s not as bad as it could have been…



Barbara Devane, lobbyist for the Florida Association for Retired Americans

Dave Bruns, Florida a spokesperson for the AARP 

Florida is pushing forward with its plan to shift more than three million Floridians on Medicaid into managed care. The move is part of a state overhaul of the program that provides state and federally subsidized healthcare to low-income people. Lynn Hatter reports the first group to go into the managed care system will be seniors.

Capital Report: 03-05-2012

Mar 5, 2012

The Florida Legislature has a full agenda for the final week of its 2012 regular session.  James Call reports, leaders of the House and Senate have reached an agreement on a budget, allowing for an on-time finish to the session…. 

As the final scheduled week of the 2012 Florida Legislative Session got underway, the state senate was working through a long list of bills.  Tom Flanigan reports the issue of allowing unregulated out-of-state insurers to take over Citizens Insurance customers sparked spirited debate….