Senator Jim Norman

The state Ethics Commission on Friday sent Sen. Jim Norman's financial disclosure case to the Florida Senate, where his lawyer said he will argue against any penalty.  James Call reports, the Tampa Republican faces charges that he failed to disclose a $500,000 gift to his wife when he ran for the Senate in 2010.

Norman’s lawyer says a Hillsborough County attorney advised Norman, who was a county commissioner at the time, that he didn’t have to disclose it.  

A bill to shield public schools from lawsuits when groups like the local little league or individuals use their facilities after hours, is making its way through the legislature. Lynn Hatter reports the proposal has had an easy ride through most of its committee stops, and faces little resistance.

Senator Jim Norman says the intent behind his public school sovereign immunity bill is simple:

 “This is so needed. Taxpayers paid for these properties. Taxpayer properties that are sitting there when kids in the communities cannot access these properties.”  

Thanks to the repeal of a controversial provision in a pair of bills moving through the legislature Floridians will be able to take pictures of cows and other farm animals without facing the possibility of committing a crime. Regan McCarthy reports animal rights activists are praising the house and senate for removing what they call the “ag gag” provision.