Senator Dorothy Hukill

Drones are expected jobs and economic activity in Florida

A Central Florida Senator is pushing a bill that would limit use of photographic drones by convicted sexual predators.


Drones have become an ambitious new frontier, finding applications in the private and public sectors. But Florida lawmakers are still trying to stay ahead of curve by limiting the use of the flying technology.

Sen. Dorothy Hukill (R-Port Orange)
The Florida Channel

Gov. Rick Scott wants to cut over half a billion dollars in taxes in the coming fiscal year—much of that coming from a reduction in taxes on cell phone and cable bills.  The plan is moving forward in the Senate.

Don McCullough


A pair of lawmakers is working to keep Florida drones grounded. The two are sponsoring bills aimed at outlawing the use of drones to monitor people or private property without permission.

As technology advances,  Sen. Dorothy Hukill (R-Port Orange) says drones are becoming more and more prevalent and she says it’s time for Florida’s laws to get out in front of what she sees as some future concerns.

Catherine Shergi / Integrated Options

While Florida lawmakers work to integrate more technology-based learning into school curriculums, they’re not as enthused by other ways districts want to use technology: especially when it comes to identifying students.