Senator Chris Smith

Following Tuesday’s recall election in Wisconsin, Florida Senator Chris Smith (D-Oakland Park) is pushing a bill to allow recalls in the Sunshine state.

Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker went up against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a Democrat, in a recall contest Tuesday, and won. That makes Walker one of the only governors in U.S. history to survive a recall. Now Florida Senator Chris Smith is wondering whether the outcome in favor of a Republican will be enough to persuade House Speaker-designate Will Weatherford (R-Wesley Chapel) to give his recall bill a hearing.

Governor Rick Scott’s “Stand Your Ground” task force is rejecting claims from some Democrats that it is biased in favor of the law. Lynn Hatter reports, the group pushed back against the bias claims at its first meeting Tuesday.

Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll is chairing the group, officially called the “Task force for Citizen Safety and Protection".  And she takes issue with its critics, who say the makeup of the group is biased.


State Senator Chris Smith says Florida’s Stand Your Ground law needs an overhaul, and, if the task force created by Governor Rick Scott doesn’t move on amending the statute, he says he will. Lynn Hatter reports on Monday Smith released the findings of his own task force – which would do away with key provisions of the law but stops short of recommending a full repeal.

A state senator is launching his own task force to study Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. James Call reports, Fort Lauderdale Senator Chris Smith says Florida’s reputation can’t afford to wait for the governor to act.

The February shooting death of Trayvon Martin has focused media attention on a Florida law allowing people to respond with deadly force if they feel threatened. Smith, a south Florida Democrat, says the national uproar is a threat to Florida’s tourism-based economy.