Senate President-Designate Don Gaetz

A Florida man who was exonerated of rape after spending 25 years in prison is behind bars once again….this time on charges of attempted murder. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, those who have gotten to know Alan Crotzer, who has become a champion for wrongly convicted prisoners and an advocate for ex-felons rights, say the allegations against the former inmate seem out of character.

The first bills of the 2013 Florida Legislative Session have been filed in the Senate. They are 19 claims bills, and  they total more than 36-million dollars.

“That’s a lot of money,” remarked Senate President Don Gaetz.

Gaetz made that comment when he heard the amount of compensation Senators are asking for on behalf of victims due to wrongful convictions, deaths, and injuries.

Incoming Florida Senate President Don Gaetz is building his leadership team. Gaetz has tapped the head of the Department of Revenue as his new policy advisor.

Effective July 1st, Lisa Vickers will leave her current role as the Florida Department of Revenue’s executive director and become the chief policy advisor for incoming Senate President Don Gaetz. Gaetz says he’s worked with her before, and knows Vickers will be a great asset to his team.


A Florida Senate committee has approved a revised redistricting plan for the chamber. However some members are objecting to how district numbers were assigned to senate seats. James Call reports the committee used a lottery-like drawing to randomly settle who would run for two-year terms this fall.