Sen. David Simmons

Sen. David Simmons (R-Altamonte Springs) is the main author of Florida's Stand Your Ground law.
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Last week, Florida’s Stand Your Ground law took center stage as people rallied, protested, and marched over the killing of a black unarmed man during a dispute over a handicapped parking space.

The shooter, a white man, was never arrested. That is, until earlier this week, when the Pinellas County State Attorney decided to file charges.

Last week, Sascha Cordner spoke to the main author of Stand Your Ground, who weighed in on the case and the law before the charges were filed. But, first, what led up to this point?

The inside of the Florida Senate Chamber
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The Florida Senate is considering more juvenile justice legislation. It’s looking at measures classifying certain kids as prolific offenders and changing sentencing for juveniles who commit felonies.

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Bills to help some of the state’s most vulnerable Floridians as well as youthful offenders have passed their first Senate committee.

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A Stand Your Ground-related bill is now teed up for a vote in the full Florida Senate. But, a bipartisan push to water down the bill Thursday is angering some gun rights groups.

A Florida Senate education committee seems open to big changes in the state’s testing and accountability scheme. After years of ramping up the testing infrastructure,  lawmakers are questioning whether they’ve gone too far.

The chairman of the Senate education spending committee says he’s determined to continue cutting back on testing in public schools.

Someday soon, cars will drive themselves. But until then, lawmakers want to make sure some cars don’t drive at all.

It can start as a lark, a split second of poor judgment and misplaced trust. And it can end in a cyber-nightmare that ruins careers or worse. The Senate gave tentative approval Wednesday to a bill outlawing revenge-porn.

The Florida Senate has delayed a vote on a controversial overhaul of the state-run Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.

The proposal outlines higher rates for new policies. Senate Sponsor, David Simmons (R-Maitland), says he plans to amend the bill to let existing wind-only customers remain in the lower priced plans, but that overall low rates in Citizens can’t last forever.

“These wind-only policies are less than market rate, and they’re getting an unfair free ride at the expense of everyone else,”  he said.

Sick Leave Preemption Bill Draws Statewide Protests

Apr 16, 2013
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Central Florida activists are protesting against legislation to stop municipalities from regulating wages and benefits.

About two-dozen activists gathered Tuesday at Orlando city hall to say the legislation not only stifles a local effort to mandate paid sick time. They say it also erodes municipal authority.