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Gambling is shaping up to be a major issue this legislative session. A bill filed in the Senate touches nearly every aspect of the industry from fantasy sports to greyhound racing. And each of those issues carries its own set of implications. For some it’s about finding more money to fund state projects, for others it’s about entertainment or spending time with friends and for those living in the city of Gretna it’s about jobs and a path toward stability.

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The Seminole gaming compact took its next step forward Tuesday. A Florida House committee approved a measure to ratify the gambling agreement. 

The Seminole tribe of Florida says it’s making progress in negotiations to extend part of a gambling agreement with the state. But the tribe is also moving forward with a lawsuit.

Ian Murphy

The banked card game portion of the state’s gambling agreement with the Seminole Indian tribe has expired. And by the end of the month, the agreement stipulates the tribe is supposed to stop all card games like Black Jack. But it might not have to.

Ian Murphy

Florida voters want the Seminole gaming compact to continue. That’s according to a poll released by the Seminole Tribe of Florida Monday. The study comes as lawmakers consider allowing a piece of the state’s gaming agreement with the tribe to expire. 

Ian Murphy

Gaming is shaping up to be a big player this session as lawmakers consider what would happen if they don’t renew a portion of the state’s gaming compact with the Seminole tribe.