Niceville High School

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies are warning Niceville residents to be aware of a scam. Scofflaws are pretending to fundraise on behalf of an area high school.

A woman on her phone

A recurring scam has made its way back to Leon County.

A man is listening on the phone
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June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month, and state officials want Florida’s seniors to be aware of common scams to avoid.

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The Bay County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a potential scam involving roof work. Residents should be on the lookout.

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State officials are warning Floridians about scams during tax season.

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Bay County Sheriff’s deputies are warning residents about a scam involving a fictional grant, promising to shell out thousands of dollars in exchange for a few hundred.

Wakulla County Sheriff’s deputies are warning residents about a “vehicle advertising” scam that’s been plaguing the Florida Panhandle and parts of Georgia.

Sheriff’s office spokesman Keith Blackmar says the scam was advertised in the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper, and he called it a variation of an old scam.

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The Green Dot Money Card scam has made its way to Tallahassee. Police are investigating a new kind of scam that’s hard to trace using reloadable debit cards.

In just one day, at least ten people called to complain to the Tallahassee Police Department about a male lieutenant, who said he had a warrant for their arrest. The problem, TPD Spokesman David Northway says, is no sworn officers are known to have made such a call. And he adds they certainly wouldn’t tell people they could avoid arrest if they purchase a Green Dot Money Card.

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Thomasville Police are warning residents about a new kind of scam—targeting the elderly—that’s becoming a growing problem in the South Georgia area.

In the past few months, there have been at least 10 reported cases of people purchasing Green Dot Money Cards and handing over hundreds of dollars over to scammers. Sometimes, they’re told they’ve won the lottery or a grant. Other times, they’re convinced they owe money to the IRS.

Wakulla County Sheriff's Office

Wakulla County Sheriff’s deputies are warning residents to be on the alert for a new kind of phone scam. Older residents are common fraud targets, with scammers regularly asking for bank information, help in setting up a loan or money for doing odd jobs that never get done.

South Florida Kidnapping Scam Wrings Ransom From Heartstrings

Apr 8, 2013
Juan Toro

How much would you pay for the life of your wife or husband? What about your brother or sister? Mother or father? Son or daughter? Can you put a price on your loved ones?  Telephone scammers are betting you’d pay anything to keep your family safe.

I got one of those “you won’t believe what just happened” calls not too long ago. A friend of a friend of a friend and his wife were virtually kidnapped at the same time. No, it’s not the mutated cousin of identity theft. It’s a telephone scam. The very next day I had the husband on the phone explaining what happened.

Department of Financial Services Hosts Workshops For Seniors

Aug 3, 2012

Financial and insurance scams targeting seniors are on the rise. To combat the problem, Florida's Department of Financial Services is hosting free financial workshops for seniors throughout the month of August. According to a 2009 report by the Center for Retirement Research, the department says the scams could be especially devastating for the almost 50% of late baby boomers who are already at risk of losing their current standard of living.