Sarah Heard

Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute

Finding out the source of a mysterious animal die off in the Indian River Lagoon is the goal of many researchers and scientists across the state. They’re searching for clues into the massive amount of unusual deaths of manatees, dolphins, and pelicans in what’s known as one of the nation’s most biologically diverse estuaries.

CSI: Indian River Lagoon

Taking a tour of the Southern part of Indian River Lagoon, Its Riverkeeper Marty Baum points out a small pod of dolphins frolicking in one part of the 156-mile estuary.

As the budget battle continues in Washington D.C., Democrats and Republicans are still at an impasse regarding the federal budget. But, a bipartisan group of Florida leaders came together Thursday on Capitol Hill to discuss an issue lawmakers from both parties can agree on: how to address the damage done to several Florida waterways due to water releases from Lake Okeechobee.

It’s no secret there’s been turmoil lately in Congress—and lawmakers know it’s weighing on the public.