Rose Naff

Florida Health Choices is now serving as the private health insurance system for the state's 140,000 realtors.
Florida Health Choices

Florida’s state-based insurance exchange is gearing up for open enrollment later this year. Florida Health Choices is reaching out to professionals licensed by the state, as well as realtors, to grow its numbers.

Florida’s health insurance marketplace debuted earlier this year but so far, less than forty people have signed up. Now the board that runs the program is looking to attract health insurance providers, and to do that, it’s turning to a new company to help it expand its services.

Quietly and without much fanfare, Florida’s health insurance marketplace made its debut earlier this week, but it should not to be confused with the federal health insurance exchanges and Obamacare.

“We’re not in competition with the federal exchange. We’re not offering subsidies—those can only come from the federal exchange," says Florida Health Choices Director Rose Naff, who  is quick to point out the differences between the program she’s running—and that of the federal government.

As federal insurance exchanges prepare to go live in a matter of weeks, Florida’s own state-based insurance marketplace is still trying to get off the ground.

Florida Health Choices was designed to cater to small businesses and others who won’t have access to the federal exchanges and its CEO, Rose Naff, says that’s where her program comes in:

Florida’s online health insurance market place is now accepting healthcare plans. Florida Health Choices says it’s on-track to open for business by the start of the new year and could begin selling plans sooner than that.