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The owner of Downtown Tallahassee’s Avenue Eat & Drink restaurant is about to launch a new three-in-one business in Midtown. The restaurant, dessert bar and music venue are set to open where Mockingbird restaurant closed earlier this year.

Avenue owner Chris Clark is putting the finishing touches on renovations of the former Mockingbird restaurant and lounge on North Monroe Street.

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A Florida law that went into effect today bases the frequency of restaurant inspections on how much of a risk each establishment poses. The new system replaces the previous schedule of two unannounced yearly inspections for all food-service providers.

Your favorite lunch spot now has a food safety risk grade. Division of Business and Professional Regulation spokeswoman Beth Frady says the number—from one to four—determines how many times inspectors will drop by unannounced over the next year.

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Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association officials say they’re reviewing a bill which would raise the minimum wage for all employees in the state to $10.10 an hour.

In 2005, Florida raised its state minimum wage to $6.15 an hour. But since 2008, the federal minimum wage has exceeded Florida’s rate, meaning the law applies mostly to those workers who survive on tips.