Representative Mike Fasano

Despite a few hang ups, the Florida House of Representatives passed a number of bills Wednesday including one that deals with what’s known as nuclear cost recovery. The measure is intended to put more rules in place for Florida utilities using the provision to pay for building nuclear power plants.

A measure allowing certain hospitals and nursing homes to bypass state rules to fill what they’re saying is an immediate need passed the Florida House Tuesday. But, as some say the bill is giving special treatment to financial backers of the Republican-led Florida Legislature.

Republican Representative Marlene O’Toole’s bill does two things.

“Expedited process for skilled nursing facilities and Ten beds for the Miami Children’s hospital,” said O'Toole.

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The state of Florida hasn’t had a direct hit from a major storm for seven consecutive seasons. But, There is a storm brewing at the Capitol over the financial viability of the state’s largest property insurer.

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Florida Lawmakers traded their amendments and bills for hammers and nails in a seven day “blitz build” for Habitat for Humanity. The house will go to a Tallahassee resident and her family.

“There’s no words the way that I feel right now. No words at all.”

Tallahassee local Cookie Ashby has just been handed the keys to her first home, a house built by the Florida House of Representatives. Ashby wasn’t expecting to move into a new home until later in the year, and then she got a call from the non-profit’s Office Manager Shannon Taylor.