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Florida lawmakers want to put the brakes on what some call a thinly veiled money maker for municipal governments. A House panel greenlighted a plan Thursday to ban red light cameras.

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A measure allowing terminally ill people to use experimental drugs without needing full federal approval has passed the Florida House, after several lawmakers shared their personal stories.

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A dispute over utility territories has sparks flying as Indian River County works to push Vero Beach’s service back across city lines. Meanwhile stake holders are engaged in an energetic debate over a bill that could impact municipally owned utilities across the state. 

About 60 percent of Vero Beach’s city-owned-utility customers live outside the city limits in Indian River County. Rep. Debbie Mayfield (R-Vero Beach) says that means the majority of the utility customers have no recourse if they have a dispute with the utility. 

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Protective injunctions or restraining orders help victims of domestic violence and abuse feel protected. But, lawmakers and experts in the field say Florida’s injunction laws have some dangerous gaps in protection.

State employees hoping to make the most of their vacation time might want to use it now, rather than later. State officials are working with the Florida Legislature to shore up what they see as a multi-million dollar liability in the budget by reducing the amount of money employees can receive for unused vacation time and sick leave. But, several state employees say legislation to do that will further dishearten state workers who have taken cuts and gone without a pay raise for several years.