Representative David Richardson

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Should inmates be criminally charged when cell phones are found on their person? In Florida prisons, that can occur. But, in county jails, not so much. During a recent legislative debate, lawmakers discussed a bill making it illegal for local jail inmates to have cell phones within the facilities.


Florida lawmakers are close to deciding on the state’s criminal justice budget. A large portion deals with the state’s prison agency.

The House debated a proposal Tuesday that would automatically enroll new state hires into a 401-k style retirement plan instead of a traditional pension.

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A bill seeking to reform Florida’s Retirement System is now heading to the House floor, despite continued opposition.

Lawmaker Wants To Keep Closer Tabs On Incentives

Oct 29, 2013
Florida House

A Miami Beach State Representative wants to know more about the tax incentives Florida hands out to attract businesses or encourage them to expand. But David Richardson admits he doesn’t know much about a similar law already in place.