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A bill aimed at providing funding for retired police dogs recently passed its first House committee.

Florida House

A state lawmaker is hoping to add a standard threshold to what is considered “over the limit” in cases where a person is operating a vehicle and is high on marijuana.

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A bill reforming the way state prosecutors can charge juveniles as adults is starting to move in both chambers of the Florida Legislature.

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A state legislative House panel has approved a plan aimed at compensating an elderly man wrongfully accused of one of the worst mass murders in Florida history.

The proposal by Rep. Dave Kerner (D-Lake Worth) expands the state's wrongful incarceration law to consider the case of 77-year-old James Richardson, who was living in Arcadia in 1967 when he was accused of poisoning his seven children.

Richardson spend more than 20 years behind bars before he was freed in 1989 amid allegations of misconduct and perjury by prosecutors and investigators

Florida is known as a hub in the nation for human trafficking. With Human Trafficking Awareness Month coming to a close, lawmakers are continuing efforts to curb the practice, by putting more measures and penalties in place to shut down illegal massage parlors.

“After drugs, humans are the second most trafficked item in the world. And, this is happening right in your own backyard. Who would have ever have guessed some ugliness would ever live among such beauty?"

A bill that would crack down on illegally-operated massage parlors passed unanimously in a House committee Wednesday. A group of Florida lawmakers hope the measure will stop those kinds of places from engaging in prostitution and human trafficking.

Democratic Representative Dave Kerner says he’s heard from law enforcement officers and prosecutors that most prostitution and trafficking activities occur at night, so the bill has measures in place to combat that.