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The Florida House will vote this week to establish what members call “schools of hope.” Democratic lawmakers say Republicans want to spend more than a billion dollars over several years on charter schools while starving public schools of funding. But Republican lawmakers and charter advocates argue public schools are failing to educate students.

Florida has more than 100 schools that it labels persistently failing. Those schools have earned D’s and F’s for several years in a row. Many of them suffer from high poverty and high teacher turnover. The issues facing parents, teachers, and students in such schools are complex. Now a House panel has unveiled a plan that would change the way the state deals with such situations.


A bill expunging the criminal records of certain minors when they become an adult has passed the full Florida Senate.


Florida lawmakers are considering different ways to help the state’s juvenile offenders. The aim is to help them succeed in life and make sure they don’t head to the prison system.

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A pair of proposals meant to help juvenile offenders passed their first Senate panels.


A measure expunging the criminal records of certain juveniles cleared its first House panel Tuesday.

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Some Florida lawmakers are renewing a bipartisan effort making it easier to expunge the records of certain juvenile offenders.


Several bills aimed at reforming Florida’s juvenile justice system cleared another hurdle in the House Monday.