Rep. Jason Brodeur

Rural Hospitals Wary Of Florida's Budget Proposal

Mar 2, 2018
MGN Online

Rural Hospitals are having trouble providing health care to their patients, and officials say the Florida Legislature’s budget plan isn’t likely to help.

Florida lawmakers are looking to ensure genetic tests won’t affect eligibility for insurance coverage. The House Health and Human Services Committee unanimously passed a measure preventing insurance companies from using genetic information when making policy decisions.

The Florida House and Senate are planning big cuts to Florida hospitals and those groups say it will hurt medical care access for the poor and disabled.

Mark Foley / Florida House of Representatives

Republican Representative Jason Brodeur of Sanford wants to get rid of a few more speed bumps he thinks are slowing the development of driverless cars.

Florida’s Medicaid costs will go up next year. Enrollment in the program that insurers low-income Floridians continues to grow even without a legislative move to expanding it to people who qualify under the Affordable Care Act. Now  lawmakers are feeling the pressure to put cost controls in place.

Florida House of Representatives

Religious freedom is more important than the bond between a mother and child. As Jim Ash reports, that appears to be the view of some Republican conservatives who want to give adoption agencies the right to discriminate against gays and lesbians.