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Florida lawmakers want to make it easier for parents and residents to challenge school textbooks. Depending on who you ask, the bill is a slippery slope towards book burning, or a step towards community control. But with just days left in the Session, lawmakers face a tight deadline to pass the measure. At the time of publishing, the Senate was scheduled to consider the measure, but had not yet taken it up.

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School districts across the country are struggling to keep qualified teachers in the classroom. Here's a look into what the shortage means for Leon County.

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After a stint on the campaign trail, former Governor Jeb Bush is returning to run his education advocacy group. The state’s win in the courts this week could make homecoming a little sweeter.

Some state lawmakers want stronger qualifications for interpreters working with deaf and hard of hearing students. 

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Former Yahoo exec Jeremy Ring helped build the modern tech landscape. Now the Florida Senator wants high schools to teach computer coding.

Capital Report: 03-12-2014

Mar 12, 2014

A divided Florida House committee has given its approval to a measure which could put more guns in the schools.  It’s similar to proposals that have been considered – and in most cases rejected – in other states.  But as Stan Jastrzebski reports, the military veteran who proposed it hopes a chance he’s made to the formula will help it pass.