Prison Healthcare Privatization

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Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Julie Jones says she’s outraged over the inadequate mental health care services offered at a facility operated by one of Florida’s private prison health care providers. So, she terminated that contract with Wexford Health Sources Wednesday.

Florida Channel

The Florida Department of Corrections is moving forward with finding new private prison health care providers to run those services in the coming months. That’s after the state’s main prison health care provider recently terminated its contract with the state.

As a private prison health provider’s contract with the state draws to an end, some wonder how Corizon’s cancellation of the contract will impact Florida inmates as well as employees.

Some are hailing a decision by the main private provider charged with the health care of Florida’s inmates to terminate its contract with the state.

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Prison reform is slated to be a big issue this upcoming legislative session, and a re-do of prison health care contracts will be part of the reform efforts. The new Florida Department of Corrections Secretary says she’s making progress on the issue—something lawmakers are keeping an eye on.

Capital Report: Strict Rules for Lawmakers

Dec 10, 2012

Florida lawmakers are hammering out a plan for the coming legislative session. Regan McCarthy reports It involves new committees, new priorities and a more intensive review for the state’s budget.

After a failed attempt last year, advocates for alimony reform are back at it, trying to get Florida’s divorce laws overhauled. As Jessica Palombo reports, supporters of the changes say current laws unfairly punish higher-earning spouses. But critics say, the proposed law unfairly favors them.