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Population growth in Florida is below projected census expectations and is slowing down overall. 

subdivision development
Carlton Ward Jr. via National Geographic / http://voices.nationalgeographic.com/2015/01/11/2015-expedition-launches-in-everglades-headwaters/

In 2011, Florida made sweeping changes to the laws regulating new development. Now legislators are re-examining how the state is juggling the needs of a growing population. At the time, lawmakers characterized state oversight of development as bad for business, and said rolling back the regulations would boost job creation. Cutting growth management was also a campaign push for then candidate Rick Scott.

Florida Expected To Soon Be Third-Most-Populous State

Jul 12, 2013

Demographers expect Florida’s population to continue growing steadily over the next eight years. A population-estimating committee says the state is on track to soon be the country’s third-most populous.

State demographers are now even more confident Florida’s population will soon trail only California and Texas, most likely by the end of 2016. Office of Demographic and Economic Research spokeswoman Amy Baker said most new Floridians will be baby boomers and recent retirees – and that’s good news for the economy.