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A statewide initiative launched in select Florida counties is now underway in Leon County. The Alert Tonight Florida campaign focuses on improving pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

Tallahassee Team Wins Neighborhood Health Grant

May 23, 2016
Tallahassee skyline

The Invest Health Initiative is awarding community development grants to teams in 50 cities across the country. A group of Tallahassee leaders has won $60,000.

Florida lawmakers are looking into making the state’s roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. A bill before the legislature would increase fines for at-fault drivers for hitting “vulnerable road users.”

Naples resident Tish Kelly says her husband was badly injured last year after a driver hit him while he and others were riding their bicycles. She says she hopes a bill under consideration this session forces drivers to be more responsible on the road.

Stan Jastrzebski

About two months ago, I bought a bike. About a month ago, I had my first crash. A truck turned in front of me and into a parking lot. Friday morning was the first time since the crash I’d gotten back on the bike.

Fortunately, the commute from home was uneventful. To help quell the remaining demons, I slapped a press sign on my helmet – in 175-point font so it was extra visible – and set off for a ride specifically designed for safety.

I'm headed for a ride assembled by the Florida Department of Transportation to help hip riders to proper bike safety.