Tallahassee Memorial To Hire 500 Nurses

May 18, 2017
Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital is about to enlarge its campus and staff. The hospital hopes to add several hundred nurses.

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A bill building on Florida’s anti-human trafficking efforts is now heading to both the House and Senate floors.

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A bill increasing the penalties against someone who assaults Florida doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers passed its first House panel Tuesday.

Leon County Schools logo
Leon County Schools

There aren’t enough registered nurses in Leon County schools. Candidates for the School Board’s District four seat each addressed that issue during Friday’s Political Perspectives show.

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The overall number of nurses in Florida is increasing, but experts say Florida needs to find ways to keep the nurses who are working now from retiring or face a shortage.

Florida’s population is aging and so are its nurses.  According to a report from the Florida Center for Nursing nearly half  the state’s registered nurses are 51 or older.  And Center Executive Director, Mary Lou Brunell says that spells trouble, unless employers make some changes. She says employers need to help nurses move from more strenuous jobs to positions that require fewer hours or less physical work.

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Georgia’s infant mortality rate is the seventh highest in the nation and the in the state’s southern region, health care outcomes are particularly troublesome. But, one women’s clinic in Thomasville is hoping to help change that with the help of a midwife.

Tallahassee Community College

Tallahassee Community College officials hoping to start up the school's first baccalaureate program will have to wait a while longer.

The Florida legislature has approved a moratorium on the creation of new baccalaureate programs at community colleges after several lawmakers expressed concern that many existing programs were duplicative or didn't adhere to local workforce needs.

With hours left to go before Florida lawmakers are set to finish this year’s legislative session, a major healthcare proposal has been derailed in the Senate.

The move highlights the gulf between the House and Senate when it comes to how to manage trauma centers, telemedicine, pharmacists and nurses, and the Senate is not impressed with a massive healthcare "train" bill sent to it by the House.

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The federal Health Resources and Services Administration says at least 55 million people around the country live in areas that lack an adequate supply of primary care doctors. Now, some Florida lawmakers are looking to remedy that by expanding what Nurse Practitioners are allowed to do.