A bill allowing domestic partnerships in Florida had its first committee hearing but stalled over some lawmakers’ concerns that it’s unconstitutional. Jessica Palombo reports, the bill’s sponsor has chosen to do some more work to the bill to make it just right…

Every year, thousands of students fail to get a standard Florida high school diploma despite staying in school. Those students aren’t considered dropouts, but they aren’t counted as graduates either. Instead, as Lynn Hatter reports- , those students are falling into a bit of “diploma limbo.”

How the U.S. should deal with Iran on that country’s nuclear aspirations is a hot topic right now.  Tom Flanigan reports a true expert on that issue was in Tallahassee this week and wasn’t shy about sharing his thoughts…

Brian Katulis is senior fellow at the progressive-leaning Center for American Progress in Washington D-C.  He says he visits someplace in the Middle East at least once a month.  That gives him a unique perspective on the state of relations between Iran and pretty much the rest of the world.

Capital Report: 02-06-2012

Feb 6, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden is carrying the message of making college more affordable throughout Florida this week. Monday he stopped in Tallahassee at Florida State University to talk about the rising cost of tuition—an issue that’s been front and center in state politics recently. But Lynn Hatter reports when it comes to the issue of holding down costs in higher education—some say it shouldn’t come at the cost of financial aid to students who need it the most.