A new coalition combining local business and health care groups is pushing a plan to insure more than a million Floridians who currently fall in the so-called Medicaid coverage gap.

More than a million Floridians make too much money to qualify for Medicaid under the state’s current income limits, but too little to qualify for insurance subsidies in the federally-run insurance exchange. The Florida legislature has twice rejected plans to expand Medicaid to those people.  

LHatter / WFSU

Florida lawmakers continue to grapple with how best to serve the state’s uninsured population.  The group is estimated to be nearly four million, and the federal health law would have sent down enough money to cover a million of them by expanding Medicaid. But Florida lawmakers rejected that in favor of a state-based plan. 

Three proposals are on the table which would cover between 60,000 to a million uninsured Floridians, but with time running out, no clear path in sight, some say it’s time for a compromise.