Native American

Jessica Palombo / WFSU News

Archeologists working on an island just off Miami believe they’ve found a unique stone Indian burial mound. But with part of the site underwater, the team is battling a rising sea that threatens to cover the East Coast’s low-lying areas within the century.

It’s not easy to get to the dig site.

First, a 40-minute ride in a National Park Service boat ironically nicknamed Speedy.

Then, just off Totten Key, archeologist Josh Marano navigates the boat through a manmade channel cut from rocks that have shipwrecked lesser captains.

Jessica Palombo / WFSU News

An exhibit showing early Florida through the eyes of Spanish explorers opened this week at Tallahassee’s Museum of Florida History. The state partnered with the Spanish government on the exhibit as part of its Viva Florida 500 celebration.

History museum spokesman Gary Pettit guided Florida Public Radio through the “Imagining la Florida” exhibit.