National Guard

Capital Report: 07-12-2013

Jul 12, 2013

Because of federal budget cuts, furloughs are causing Florida National Guard facilities to operate differently.  Stan Jastrzebski visited a base this week where Guard higher-ups briefed the rank-and-file on what to expect, how to protect their money and what delays will be considered acceptable with a four-day work week.

A Senate Panel heard budget requests from a number of agencies Wednesday including The Department of Military Affairs. Colonel Glenn Sutphin said the department is bracing for  potential federal cuts associated with what’s called “sequestration.”

“If sequestration actually happens there will be a 10-percent cut. At that point there will be a lot of cuts for Florida. And even though we’re the department of military affairs and theoretically just the guard, we function as your military advisors also. We’re extremely concerned about bases all around Florida,” Sutphin said.