Mitt Romeny

Florida Governor Rick Scott is expected to cast his vote on Election Day. And, he’s not shy about who he’s voting for.

“I want everyone to get out and vote, whether you got your absentee ballot in, did early voting, or show up on Election Day," said Scott. "I’m going to be there on Election Day. I’m going to vote for Mitt Romney for President, Connie Mack for Senator, and I’m going to be voting down in Naples, Florida.”

During the last presidential debate, Governor Mitt Romney made reference to ‘binders full of women’ and it instantly went viral.  But in the final debate last (Monday) night, it was President Obama’s reference to ‘Horses and Bayonets’ that’s currently making the rounds around the World Wide Web. The reference had everyone in laughter, even those who were supposed to be quiet in the debate hall.

The focus of this year’s Presidential race has been the economy and which candidate—President Barack Obama or GOP nominee Mitt Romney—is better suited to deal with it. What isn’t making campaign headlines this time around is education. And when it comes to education policy, both men share similar ideas that have been promoted by Florida’s former Governor, Jeb Bush.