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The Five Points intersection in Midtown Tallahassee is a source of congestion and confusion for drivers. Now a local transit board is working on improving the block where 7th Avenue, Thomasville and Meridian Roads meet.

dining room
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The owner of Downtown Tallahassee’s Avenue Eat & Drink restaurant is about to launch a new three-in-one business in Midtown. The restaurant, dessert bar and music venue are set to open where Mockingbird restaurant closed earlier this year.

Avenue owner Chris Clark is putting the finishing touches on renovations of the former Mockingbird restaurant and lounge on North Monroe Street.

Midtown Filling Station bar
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Tonight will be the last time patrons can visit Tallahassee’s Midtown Filling Station bar and Alchemy speakeasy. The once-popular watering holes are closing their doors after a few years.

Tallahassee resident Molly Woodsum says since she moved back to her hometown as a young professional, Midtown Filling Station has been the place she and her friends have spent many a weekend.

Tallahassee’s bustling midtown district is home to popular bars, quirky businesses and according to new federal data, a hot jobs market.

New data from the U.S. Census Bureau listed the 32312 area code as the best place in Florida for young people to find jobs. Tallahassee officials have worked for years to diversity the local economy and have focused their attention in the area around the state capitol building. But Tallahassee City Commissioner Gil Ziffer says the Midtown and Thomasville Road area pretty much happened on its own.

New HAWK Crosswalk Helps Connect Midtown To Lafayette Park

Aug 31, 2012
Thomas-Andrew Gustafson

At Gadsden and Fifth Avenue, the new High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk, or HAWK for short, connects the busy shops and restaurants along Thomasville road with Lafayette Park. This first installment is testing how successful the new crosswalk will be.

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On Wednesday, the Tallahassee City Commission unanimously agreed to sponsor the Saturday in the Park concert scheduled for this weekend downtown. Commissioners approved just under $1,200 to cover law enforcement and general park use. One of the festival organizers, Jean Bates of the Midtown Merchants Association, says she hopes this is just the beginning of the city’s involvement in the concert series, which has two more events scheduled this summer.


May 24, 2012

From Midtown, to Cascades Park to Gaines Street, and Southside revitalization, there’s a lot of redevelopment around Tallahassee nowadays. Much of it is being driven and coordinated by the Knight Creative Communities Institute. We get a situational update from KCCI’s Laurie Hartsfield and initiative “catalysts” Betsy Couch and Jay Revell.