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Have you noticed a lot of orange cones along the road this summer? That’s because the city of Tallahassee plans its road construction projects after the departure of college students who leave on summer break and with the end of the Legislative Session. But officials aren’t changing their plans for the special session starting in June.

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Every morning this week we’re taking a look at the amendments Florida voters will see on the ballot. Today we’re tackling Leon County’s One Cent Local Government Sur Tax Extension. Okaying the measure means a 20-year extension for a one penny tax shoppers have been paying for decades.

Since 1989 the extra 1 percent sales tax has helped pay for road and public safety projects. More recently the use for that money has expanded. Now it covers the cost of sidewalks, parks, and storm water projects. Kim Williams works with the group Leon Alliance for a Better community.

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For the third time in three weeks Thursday night, the Tallahassee Fire Department responded to a call of a structure fire at an abandoned hotel near Interstate 10. TFD Spokesman Mike Bellamy described multiple rooms being on fire and falling apart. And as of midday Friday, fire crews were still trying to quell the flames. Power has long since been cut off to the building, leading investigators to suspect arson. But Bellamy said although the investigation is ongoing, he doesn’t believe someone was trying to damage the hotel.

It’s still unclear what caused an apartment building collapse  that injured 55 people early Sunday morning. The City of Tallahassee has completed its investigation of the Apartment Complex’s building permits.

“I just heard a lot of sirens and people screaming and crying and people trying to figure out what’s going on.”