Girl Scout
Amanda Sicard via Flickr

A horde of uniformed little lobbyists swarmed the Florida Capitol today asking lawmakers for funding. Girl Scouts from across the state came to persuade policymakers there’s more to their organization than addictive snacks.

Twelve-year-old Sarasota scout Reanna Washington says she’s perfected her elevator pitch in case she runs into a lawmaker.

“You have to persuade them and let them think that we’re important,” she explains. “And we are.”

LHatter / WFSU News

Both the national and state unemployment rate is hovering around seven percent. But it’s almost nine times that--upwards of 65 percent--for people with disabilities. That type of climate has 20-year-0ld Ashley Martin frustrated.

“Honestly, they’ve put me in areas that I don’t like, and it’s getting nowhere fast,' she said.