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State News
4:53 pm
Tue January 27, 2015

Sen. Brandes: Legislature Needs To Decide On Medical Marijuana

Lawmakers have tried and failed for years, but perhaps 2015 is the year medical marijuana comes to Florida.
Credit Scott Beale via Flickr

Florida has a low-THC marijuana law on the books and narrowly rejected a constitutional amendment allowing broader medical use last year.  But Florida lawmakers are gearing up for further debate in the coming session.

Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg) filed a medical marijuana bill Monday, expanding on last year’s so-called Charlotte’s Web law.  Brandes says it also addresses perceived shortcomings in the unsuccessful Amendment 2, but it’s important for the issue to go before the Legislature rather than be decided through the initiative process.

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Health & Science
6:05 pm
Mon January 26, 2015

Republican Lawmaker Files Florida Medical Marijuana Bill

Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg)
Credit State of Florida

Pinellas county Republican Jeff Brandes is receiving plaudits for filing the year’s first medical marijuana bill ahead of the legislative session. 

John Morgan, the personal injury lawyer behind the medical marijuana activism group United for Care, released a statement saying,

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State News
5:58 pm
Fri January 9, 2015

Medical Marijuana Activists Begin Gathering Signatures For New Ballot Measure

Amendment 2 failed to meet the 60% threshold in the 2014 election.
Credit Brett Levin via Flickr

The organization pushing for medical marijuana in Florida got a new ballot initiative approved by the Secretary of State Friday.  United for Care believes their new proposal will succeed where last year’s Amendment Two failed.

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State News
6:14 pm
Mon November 17, 2014

Charlotte's Web Rules Tangled In Another Snag

Florida's Compassionate Use law allows people suffering from specific conditions like seizures to use low-THC marijuana.
Credit Brett Levin

Florida’s plans allowing certain patients to use low-THC marijuana are in limbo after a recent court ruling.  An administrative judge threw out many of the Department of Health’s proposed rules Friday.

Florida’s so-called Charlotte’s Web law directs the Department to have a distribution framework in place by January 1 next year.  But Florida Medical Cannabis Association Lobbyist Ron Watson says after Friday’s ruling, the chances of meeting that deadline are increasingly slim.

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State News
6:04 pm
Fri November 7, 2014

No Simple Majority: The Complications Of Florida's Ballot Initiatives

Amendment Two, which would have brought medical marijuana to Florida, has failed.
Credit Brett Levin

There’s been more than a little grumbling from some quarters about Amendment Two failing to pass despite garnering support from the majority of voters.  But there are some pretty good reasons for requiring a supermajority.

Back in 2006, Florida voters passed a measure called Amendment 3.  It raised the threshold for passing ballot initiatives in all future elections from the simple majority of 50 percent-plus-one to supermajority of 60 percent.  Supporters at the time argued the ballot initiative process was being taken over by special interests. 

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