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Florida's newly licensed growers are preparing to cultivate marijuana.
US Fish and Wildlife Service

Although the Department of Health has awarded licenses to grow cannabis, patients could still be waiting more than nine months for treatment.  But one of the nurseries is hoping to push that timeline forward.

The Department of Health has awarded five licenses to grow marijuana.
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It’s been 525 days of public testimony, legal wrangling, and perhaps worst—waiting, but the Department of Health Monday decided on which five nurseries will supply the raw materials for low-THC marijuana treatments.  But the licensees could raise eyebrows and the wait could be far from over.

Marijuana could soon be legal in Florida for terminal patients.
US Fish and Wildlife Service

Two Republican lawmakers are pitching a moderate expansion of the medical marijuana system they pushed through the Legislature almost two years ago.  The measure removes limits on potency, but only for terminally ill patients.

Terminally ill patients may soon have access to medical marijuana.
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Changes to the state’s medical marijuana policy are taking shape in Florida’s Capitol.  A proposal granting terminal patients access to the drug is moving through the Legislature.

Scott Beale via Flickr

It’s been a busy few weeks for marijuana in Florida.   Lawmakers are untangling existing law while bringing forward new legislation.  Meanwhile advocates are pushing constitutional amendments to expand access, and polling suggests public support is high.