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A heated debate in the Florida House concerning terminally-ill patient care ended unfavorably to medical marijuana proponents Wednesday, but the issue continues to make waves in the legislature.

Holley Moseley speaking at the Department of Health's hearing.
The Florida Channel

Mothers and fathers of children with intractable epilepsy made impassioned pleas Monday at the Department of Health’s medical marijuana rulemaking workshop.  Both parents and Department officials hope this meeting will be the last.

State lawmakers will consider changes to Florida's drug laws in the coming session.
Pete Zarria

In the coming session, lawmakers will take up proposals altering the state’s policy for tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol.  Among the three, Florida’s drug policy could look quite a bit different by the time legislators head home.

Lynn Hatter / WFSU News

Medical marijuana supporters gathered at the Capitol Tuesday in a show of support for legalization. They’re championing a bill by Rep. Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg) that he says would allow doctors to be the decision makers on who qualifies for medical marijuana and who doesn’t.

House Minority Leader Mark Pafford (D-West Palm Beach)
State of Florida

Florida’s sheriffs have come out in opposition to a Republican proposal to expand medical marijuana.  But Sen. Jeff Brandes’ (R-St. Petersburg) bill is getting a favorable reception from the minority party. 

A medical marijuana initiative nearly passed on last November’s ballot, and the response from voters has prompted Republican lawmakers like Sen. Brandes to put the issue on the agenda for the upcoming session.  Democrats have filed proposals for years, and House Minority leader Mark Pafford (D-West Palm Beach) says he’s glad the move is gaining a foothold.