Medical Malpractice

Floirda Supreme Court

The Florida Supreme Court has struck down a controversial law capping pain and suffering damage awards in medical malpractice cases.

Florida’s controversial medical malpractice law is in the hands of a skeptical Florida Supreme Court after justices spent part of Thursday morning grilling a South Florida defense attorney.

Brian Turner via Flickr

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says Florida’s lawsuit climate is among the worst in the nation—for businesses. The business lobby association is pushing state legislators to crack down on trial lawyers—including one big name in the industry.

Jackson Healthcare

It now looks likely that Florida lawmakers will at least consider doing something about medical malpractice tort reform this year, but there are differing ideas about what should be done.

One group that’s pushing for reform is called “Patients for Fair Compensation”.  It’s based in Alpharetta, Georgia, a state that’s also considering changes to its medical malpractice laws.  The group is chaired by Rick Jackson.  He’s also chairman and chief executive officer of Jackson Healthcare, the nation's third largest healthcare staffing company.

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