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Agency For Healthcare Administration

The Florida legislature has passed the point of no return and lawmakers are preparing for an extended session.  The Senate’s budget chief says he doesn’t think lawmakers can get done on time.

The House and Senate remain at odds over whether to use federal Medicaid dollars to insure up to a million Floridians. A key feature of the dispute is a separate federal program reimbursing hospitals that treat low-income patients. Now the federal government is weighing in.

Senate President Andy Gardiner during a press conference pushing the Senate's "FHIX" proposal--a privatized version of Medicaid expansion.
Keta Browning / WFSU News

While the federal government has prolonged talks of expanding Florida’s Medicaid program, statewide business leaders head to the Capitol in support of the Senate’s proposed solution.

Here's the pile of scrap lumber before it goes through Marpan's wood chipper.
Nick Evans / WFSU News

Florida’s healthcare concerns are on the rise as discussions about Medicaid expansion slow to a crawl in the legislature. Now, members of the public are working to make their voices heard. Local business owner Kim Williams is one of the voices representing Florida’s small business owners.

Governor Rick Scott
Executive Office of the Governor / State of Florida

Update: 5:18 p.m.:   Florida's Agency for Healthcare Administration says the last time it spoke with officials at the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicare services was last Thursday. AHCA says the only thing mentioned was that CMS had not stopped negotiating with the state over the renewal of federal funding to hospitals for uncompensated care.