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House Speaker Steve Crisafulli (l) speaks to Senate President Andy Gardiner prior to the legislative session.
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The calamitous ending of the 2015 legislative session is making state history books. The 60-day lawmaking period didn’t start off well—and ended in disaster, lawsuits and charges of backstabbing. Lynn Hatter puts it to music.

Gov. Rick Scott is suing the federal government over Low-Income Pool funding.
Governor Rick Scott

Governor Rick Scott is following through on a promise to examine the finances of Florida’s public hospitals.  The move comes as an impasse between the legislative chambers deepens.

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The stalemate between Florida’s Republican leaders is getting worse. A day after the House abruptly adjourned, the Senate says it may sue unless Representatives come back. Still, not everyone believes the abrupt end of the session is a bad thing.

In happier times: House Speaker Steve Crisafulli (l) and Sen. President Andy Gardiner (r).
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The icy relationship between the House and Senate over healthcare funding may be thawing. The House and Senate have started negotiations on an alternative way to fund hospitals if a federal program expires as scheduled.

Shands Jacksonville says losing LIP funds could shut it down.
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Governor Rick Scott says if the legislature can’t get an answer on healthcare funding, he’ll call a special session to put a continuation budget in place. That would carry the state through the upcoming fiscal year, which begins the first of July. But in the meantime, some hospitals could be forced to shut down as the legislative standoff on healthcare funding continues.