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Legendary poet and activist Maya Angelou died Wednesday, but three years ago Tallahassee played host to the famed writer for an evening of song and lecture at Florida A&M University.

During Angelou’s appearance in Tallahassee she relied on a wheelchair and seemed frail-—being helped onstage by an assistant. But her voice was strong, and she had lots to talk about.

First, journalist Blaine Harden tells the unbelievable story of Shin Dong-hyuks escape from a North Korean prison camp his book, Escape from Camp 14. Then, fueled by her love for all humanity, Dr. Maya Angelou has always worked tirelessly to span the gaps of race and gender.

Now she is working on another project, the Maya Angelou Center for Women’s Health and Wellness. The goals of the center are educating women on healthy living and achieving equality in women’s health care. Blaine Harden and Dr. Maya Angelou, this week on Prime Time Radio.