Martin Luther King Jr.

Andrew Quintana / WFSU

Martin Luther King Jr.’s grassroots Poor People’s Campaign ended as soon as it started. But, nearly 50 years later, the coalition is reforming across the nation. A group in Florida has formed its own sect of the campaign, one of 32 states. And on Monday, at a press conference, the group announced its new objectives. 

MLK Commemoration Honors Memphis Sanitation Striker

Jan 10, 2018
Sara Hetherington / WFSU - Florida Public Radio

Leon County officials and the MLK Foundation of Florida held a commemoration Wednesday marking 50 years since the Memphis Sanitation Workers’ Strike and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination.

Steven Rodriguez / WFSU-FM

On Wednesday Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor and the Martin Luther King Jr. Foundation of Florida Inc. paid tribute to the civil rights giant on his birthday. More than a hundred people packed into the Leon County Court House to honor those in the Tallahassee community who continue to work for civil rights.

The awards were given to Tallahassee leaders for contributions to community service, education, employment development, literature or spiritual guidance. Doby Flowers, civil rights activist, award recipient and keynote speaker said the path to progress is never over.