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Amendment 2 protesters

A hearing has been scheduled for next week in a Miami lawsuit challenging Florida’s constitutional ban on gay marriage. A judge will decide whether to allow several socially conservative groups the chance to defend the ban in court.

The suit was filed by six same-sex couples with help from LGBT-rights group Equality Florida and the National Center for Lesbian Rights. Next week circuit judge Sarah Zabel will hear arguments from the Florida Family Policy Council and other groups trying to intervene on behalf of voters who put the same-sex union ban in the state constitution.

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A coalition of Miami activists has called on a judge to dismiss a lawsuit challenging Florida’s gay marriage ban. The chairman of a group calling itself the Florida Democratic League says the lawsuit tramples on the rights of the people who voted for the constitutional ban in 2008.

Florida Democratic League Chairman Eladio Jose Armesto says if the lawsuit filed recently by six same-sex couples is successful, millions of Floridians’ votes would be effectively nullified. 

Capital Report: 07-12-2013

Jul 12, 2013

Because of federal budget cuts, furloughs are causing Florida National Guard facilities to operate differently.  Stan Jastrzebski visited a base this week where Guard higher-ups briefed the rank-and-file on what to expect, how to protect their money and what delays will be considered acceptable with a four-day work week.