Longest Table

Ryan Dailey / WFSUNews

The City of Tallahassee is announcing its next community forum event. City leadership is encouraging all those interested to register for food and conversation at the fourth Longest Table gathering.

Tom Flanigan

The City of Tallahassee hosted another in its series of "Longest Table" community conversations Sunday (11/5) night. It happened along a table that stretched for more than two blocks down the middle of Duval Street downtown.


The “Longest Table” is back on Sunday for its fourth installment.

Tom Flanigan

Tallahassee’s fourth “Longest Table” community conversation event is set for June 11th. This happening will use the latest technology to insure diverse groups of people interact at the 100-plus discussion sites.

Mayor Gillum Partners With Faith Leaders

Aug 24, 2016
Aryanna Duhl

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is seeking community insight from a very diverse group of religious leaders. 


Tallahassee is home to yet another Knight Foundation award project. The City of Tallahassee’s “longest table” community conversation is a winner this year. Now the city is working to bring that conversation closer to home.