long-term care

Low-income seniors living in and around Orlando will be the first entrants into the state’s Medicaid managed care program.

The state will begin an outreach program in the next few months to get eligible seniors enrolled. It’s the latest move in the state’s effort to save money by effectively privatizing the Medicaid program.

Capital Report: 03-08-2013

Mar 8, 2013

Medicaid has come to dominate headlines in the first week of the legislative session, dividing Florida’s Republican lawmakers and sparking doubts that an expansion of the program under the federal health law could be dead on arrival. The House opposes the expansion, the Governor supports it. And while the Senate has yet to state it’s position, that chamber’s leader says the writing is on the wall. Here’s Ronald J Ebben with a look at the week in Medicaid.


Beverley Martin is a nurse who has spent years working in hospitals. Still, she says she wasn’t quite prepared emotionally for when she had to put her elderly mother in a nursing home.

“It was terrifying for one thing. Because, you know, you can be in the business forever, but when it affects someone in your family, you really don’t know where to turn.” 

Martin says she felt overwhelmed by all the paperwork--forms for Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. The worst part, she says, is the guilt.