Lofty Pursuits

Regan Mccarthy

A local candy maker in Tallahassee, Florida is making one giant candy cane. It’s three feet tall and weighs eight pounds, making for a pretty big gift to fit in someone’s stocking. But, the recipient of this particular treat has some pretty big feet—it’s going to Shirley the elephant, in Valdosta Georgia, who apparently has something of a sweet tooth.

Schimpf Confectionary

The man now in charge of what’s believed to be America’s oldest family-run business was in Tallahassee recently.  Tom Flanigan sat down with Warren Schimpf to talk about his “sweet success”.

Warren Schimpf and his wife Jill were already in Florida when they popped into Tallahassee’s Lofty Pursuits soda fountain and candy store in Market Square.

The well-known magazine “Southern Living” is doing a story about a Tallahassee business.  Tom Flanigan reports the feature spread should appear sometime this summer…