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The Libertarian Party is in Orlando this weekend, deciding who will get its nod for Presidential nominee. And this year, the convention has bigger implications for the general election than it has in other cycles.

A campaign button for Adrian Wyllie, Florida's Libertarian candidate for Governor

The Libertarian candidate for Governor is out with a new ad running statewide. Adrian Wyllie may not win the governor’s race, but experts say he could spoil the run for either Governor Rick Scott of Democratic challenger Charlie Crist.

Adrian Wyllie has fought to be taken seriously in the 2014 gubernatorial race, and despite being excluded from most debates and voter guides, he’s polling between seven and 13 percent. Now Wyllie is out with a statewide ads promoting his candidacy.

A campaign button for Adrian Wyllie, Florida's Libertarian candidate for Governor

Last Friday, Spanish language TV station Telemundo aired the first of Florida’s gubernatorial debates.  But Telemundo chose not to include Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie. 

Steve Cannon / Associated Press

The Libertarian Party candidate for Florida Governor has filed a federal lawsuit over a gubernatorial debate.

On Wednesday, Governor Rick Scott will debate former Governor and Democratic Party challenger Charlie Crist. But there’s a third person running for the state’s top job, and Libertarian Adrian Wyllie says he should be included in the forum.

Sascha Cordner / WFSU-FM

The Attorney General Race is starting to shape up ahead of the November election. Republican incumbent Pam Bondi has released her first ad and Democratic nominee George Sheldon’s latest endorsement from some moderate GOP. But, is the Libertarian candidate getting left out of the race with two candidates from established parties?

A new ad promoting Attorney General Pam Bondi’s pill mill efforts just recently started circulating in major media markets across Florida. “Streets” is Bondi’s first ad, and it highlights her ongoing fight to combat prescription drug abuse.

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Tallahassee attorney Bill Wohlsifer, the Libertarian candidate for state attorney general, wants to make sure voters understand his positions don’t amount to eliminating government control, just limiting it. That goes for everything from his support for gay marriage, to his lack of enthusiasm for Amendment Two: a proposed constitutional amendment to bring medical marijuana to Florida.

“I support medical marijuana in Florida, but I don’t think it goes far enough.”