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Florida Department of Corrections

A convicted serial killer is scheduled to die by lethal injection Thursday afternoon.

Witness To Innocence

The memorial service for David Keaton is scheduled for Saturday at 1 p.m. at New Bethel AME Church in Quincy. He’s Florida’s first death row exonoree in the modern era who recently passed away—who’s also known as the nation’s first man to be exonerated from death row.

Florida Department of Correction's website

A man convicted of killing three people is slated for execution Wednesday in Florida. Florida is the third state to put someone to death this week, since a botched execution in Oklahoma took place in April.

Since Governor Rick Scott took office in 2011, he’s okayed 17 Florida executions. And, around 6 p.m. Wednesday, John Henry will be the 18th person put to death. When asked whether he was confident about Florida’s execution process, Scott replied:

Florida Death Row Inmates Challenge New Execution Drug

Oct 4, 2013
California Department of Corrections

Several Florida death row inmates are challenging the state’s new lethal injection drug because it’s never been used in executions and they say it could result in severe pain. The state says the change is because of a national execution-drug shortage.

Florida is running out of the drug it uses to sedate people during executions. What’s more, the entire supply the state has expires at the end of November. So the Department of Corrections plans to switch to a different medication in the same drug family as Valium and Xanax. It’s called midazolam.