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An internal study ordered by the Leon County Commission has found median pay among county employees is slightly higher for women than it is for men. The study examined the wages of nearly 800 employees.

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A potential zoning change pending before the Leon County Commission has got Northeast residents angry. Leon County like much of Florida is experiencing a housing boom, and much of that new development is occurring in the Northeast. But area residents are expressing concern about the high density communities coming online in areas that were previously green spaces.

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Leon County Commissioners will take up a move to close a so called loophole that lets people make purchases at gun shows without having to get a background check. Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley discussed the issue at a recent Village Square Town Hall.

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Leon County Commissioners are digging into local crime rates. The board held a workshop on the topic Tuesday.

Leon County Commission Approves Parental Leave Policy

Jul 13, 2017
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Leon County Commissioners recently approved a paid parental leave policy for county employees.

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A local commissioner is heading to the White House Thursday.

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Leon County Commissioners Tuesday reviewed the local response to Hurricane Hermine. Commissioners received a report containing more than 100 ideas for improvement.

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  Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier has been appointed to serve for the National Association of Counties and the Florida Counties Foundation.

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Whoever becomes the Leon County Commissioner in District Two will have their work cut out for them. 

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After blocking attempts to relax marijuana ordinances, the Leon County Commission will discuss diversion programs for minor offenses.

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A question about funding for Tallahassee’s Palmer Munroe Teen Center is highlighting a dispute between the city and county about where one government’s responsibility ends and the other’s begins.


Leon County Commissioners talked over the preliminary budget Tuesday for the upcoming fiscal year.

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Leon County officials say about 75-percent of the inhumane animal care citations issued are never paid. Now the county is adding teeth to the rules to help insure collection. But Commissioner Mary Anne Lindley says she’d like to see another option for those who simply can’t pay.

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Agency contracts will get a closer look during Leon County’s upcoming budget workshop Tuesday. Commissioners want to be efficient without unnecessarily duplicating services.

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Dogs are welcome in Leon County restaurants outdoors, as long as owners register and, as long as that restaurant is in the unincorporated area of the county.

Greenways Update Plan Approved By Leon County Commission

Jul 8, 2015
The Leon County Commission approved three greenways and minor adjustments.
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Tuesday, the Leon County Commission approved its third update to its greenways Master Plan and the city commission is following suit. 

The Greenways Master Plan is a 20 year system connecting city and county trails in Leon County.  The County Commission has added three new additions and minor adjustments to improve the plan.

Senior City Planner Steve Hodges says the next step is to sit down with the public-private partnership Blueprint 2000, and focus on prioritizing and timing.

Leon County Commissioners want to revamp the North Florida Fairgrounds.  A study authorized by the commission says the space could become a new economic generator with a few touches-- mainly the addition of an indoor sports complex.

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Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier is among four-dozen leaders from all over the Western Hemisphere chosen to take part in the Third America’s Competitiveness Exchange.  Dozier said her first fact-finding trip would take place right away.

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The Leon County Commission won’t be attending a town hall meeting tonight on the Southside.  One county commissioner is objecting to the format of the meeting.


Leon County and Tallahassee Commissioners will host a town hall meeting Tuesday. Local officials want public feedback from Southside residents on how to make the community stronger.

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A community-wide initiative to document Leon County’s oldest and most historically significant trees is underway. This is the first government-backed effort to record Leon’s trees.

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  Mary Ann Lindley is the new chair of the Leon County Commission.  Bill Proctor will serve as vice chair. Elected in 2012, Lindley served as vice chair last year. She says she’s excited for the coming year and thanks outgoing chair Kristin Dozier. 

" I loved being your left hand woman, I guess is what we’re doing here. You’ve brought so much dignity to this job,” Lindley says.

Bill Proctor

Incumbent Commissioner Bill Proctor will retain his Leon County Commission Seat. He beat out opponent Weser Khufu to continue representing seat 1. Proctor says he wants to continue gathering funds for his south side district.

Proctor will continue to serve in the commission seat he’s held since he assumed it in 1996. The incumbent commissioner had almost 3 times as many votes from District 1 residents as his opponent, local building contractor Weser Khufu. Proctor says his re-election is an opportunity to continue improving the district’s infrastructure.

Nick Maddox

Current Leon County Commissioner Nick Maddox has been re-elected to his Group 2 seat.

Maddox easily defeated his challenger, local real estate broker Curtis Baynes. But, Baynes says he’ll continue pushing for solutions to his key issues and not dwell on what could have been.

“We can always speculate on what we could have done and when we could have done it," Baynes says. "My concern is and has always been with respect to this economic portion of this sales tax and how we’re spending that and how we’re not spending it.”

The Leon County Commission gave its approval Tuesday to a $228 million budget for the coming fiscal year. That’s about $6 million bigger than the current year’s budget.

Commission members approved a millage rate of 8.8. The property tax rate is the same as the current year, but because of an increase in property values, homeowners are likely to pay more. Tallahassee Community College President and Economic Development Council Chair Jim Murdaugh says the decision will be good for the community and help the EDC continue its mission.