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A fifty year old case into the unsolved murder of a Tallahassee family is garnering new interest, thanks to a team of documentary filmmakers. On October 22, 1966 three members of the Sims family were murdered in their home on Muriel Court in Tallahassee. Local historians say the case changed the city: guns sold out of pawn shops, and residents began locking their doors.

Think You Can't Vote In Leon County? You Might Be Wrong

Nov 3, 2014
Jessica Palombo / WFSU News

Leon County’s elections supervisor says some voters might not realize they’re eligible to cast ballots in Tuesday’s midterm election.

First, Ion Sancho says, many residents who are registered to vote in other Florida counties can vote in Leon on Election Day instead.

“People who are saying, ‘Gosh, my voter registration—I registered to vote in Gainesville, but I’ve been living here for a couple years’no problem. You can register and vote here because under the eyes of court decisions, you’re living here," he says. 

Leon County Commission Chairman Akin Akinyemi has lost to opponent Mary Ann Lindley. After a highly contentious race, Lindley squeaked out a narrow win.

Lindley forced Akinyemi into a run-off in the August primary. The former Tallahassee Democrat reporter won by a 3 percent margin Tuesday night. Lindley said she won by appealing to Leon County voters of all walks of life.

“You know I felt, ive been able to bring a lot of people together in the way that a lot of folks just wish so much that people would do in congress. And I think my candidacy has done that,” Lindley said.