Lake Lafayette

Kathleen Haughney

An algae bloom in Tallahassee’s Lake Lafayette is toxic, say state biologists.

The algae bloom in Lake Lafayette has infested the fishing fingers on the west side of the lake, near where it backs up to the Piney-Z neighborhood. Florida Fish and Wildlife officials are putting the blame on excess fertilizer runoff generated by the neighborhood’s hundreds of homes.

According to the Department of Environmental Protection, which tests algae, the bloom is now giving off a toxin called microcystin at a rate DEP biologist David Whiting says may trigger health advisories:

LHatter / WFSU News

For most of the summer and into the fall, a number of Florida water bodies have experienced algae blooms. One popular Tallahassee lake is now experiencing a bloom, and one state official points to a nearby neighborhood as a possible cause.

Tallahassee’s Lake Lafayette is a popular fishing and walking spot. It’s actually three lakes, broken up by a series of dams. The portion of the lake experiencing the algae bloom is the section that backs up to Conner Boulevard, in the Piney Z Plantation community.