Labor Day

Tim Donovan / FWC's Flickr

This Saturday is not only Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day, it’s also the kick off for Florida’s Lionfish Challenge—an incentive program to encourage people to remove the nonnative species. State wildlife officials are doing a bit of a revamp this year.

Florida State Troopers are partnering with other law enforcement agencies, in-and-out-of-state, for the “Hands Across the Border” safety campaign. It’s an annual campaign that aims to promote safe driving practices along area highways leading up to the Labor Day Holiday—particularly sober driving.

For the past few years, alcohol-related deaths have been on an increase in Florida. And, Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Ryan Martina says law enforcers hope to make sure that doesn’t happen this Labor Day weekend.

William Folsom / NOAA

This Sunday, people can fish in Florida without a license. License-free days are the state’s way of inviting people to try fishing, an industry that brings in about $5 billion dollars annually.

At Crum’s Mini Mall in the Florida Panhandle, bait and tackle shop owner Ronald Crum is adding staff ahead of Labor Day Weekend.

“And the fish are biting," he says.