Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

Starting this weekend, visitors to Florida’s Kennedy Space Center will be able to see a space shuttle that flew in space more than thirty times up close. Jessica Palombo reports, the Port Canaveral space center is inaugurating a new $100 million exhibit centering on the Atlantis shuttle.

Future Astronauts Shoot For The Moon

Mar 11, 2013
R.Benk / WFSU-FM

Most people only know about space flight from what they see in the movies or on their television screens. But, high school students from around Florida got a chance to fly a shuttle like the pros over the weekend at the Tallahassee Regional Airport.

Landing a space shuttle is no easy task, as I learned first-hand. But, for high school students across the state, it something they’ve been preparing for all year. Pompano Beach High School student Wheeler Brown described what he did to prepare.